Things you can do with Jio Fiber Connection

Reliance has rolled out ultra fast Jio Fiber Connection in India on 5 September 2019. This is the first time India publicly equipped with such a Fast Internet connection. As of July 2019, the Global average download and upload speed of fixed broadband connection is 63.85 Mbps and 33.53 Mbps respectively, as per Speedtest by Ookla. Taking about India, the average download and upload speed of Fixed Broadband connection is 30.74 Mbps and 27.80 Mbps. At the time of writing this article, India Ranks at 70th position in Global Internet Speed Index.

Now, with the introduction of Jio Fiber I think India’s ranking will definitely improve in Global Internet Speed Index. I mean look at the prepaid plans of Jio Fiber. The lowest one gives 100 Mbps of Bandwidth whereas the highest one gives 1 Gbps of Bandwidth. Do note confuse Download Speed with the Bandwidth as you can see Download Speed equals one eighth of Bandwidth. That means in 100Mbps bandwidth connection you get download speed of around 25Mbps. That’s pretty sick. Just see a normal user in some tier 3 city in India get download speed of 25Mbps in just Rs. 699.

Anyways, if you are thinking What are all the things you can do with such an Ultra Fast Jio Fiber Internet connection, this article list out all such things.

What are all the things you can do with Jio Fiber Connection?

Splitting Internet Connection with Jio WiFi Mesh

Most of you doesn’t know about Jio WiFi Mesh service as you can see Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani hasn’t announced about it in Reliance Jio AGM 2019. Well, Jio WiFi Mesh is actually a device that helps you to split Internet connection across different rooms. Spitting Internet connection here means dividing and distributing the Internet Bandwidth. For example, Suppose you have a Big House or a company with many number of rooms. Now, you know that the router range in limited. In such case Jio Wifi Mesh device helps you to spread one Internet connection across all those rooms. Of course, the bandwidth gets distributed. To get Jio WiFi Mesh you can consult the Jio Authority who came to your house for installing the Jio Fiber connection.

TV Video Calling via JioTVCamera

Smart TV that are connected with Jio Fiber Router and have camera installed in it able to place TV Video calling for free. However, TV that doesn’t have camera installed in it could use JioTVCamera to place video calling via TV. However, One can also place Video call through their smartphone via JioCall app. Also the video call is not just limited to domestic area but also to abroad.

Access Entertainment Content via Jio 4K Set top Box

If you are thinking it is all about Internet you are getting with Jio Fiber connection you are wrong. That’s because Jio Fiber connection also comes with Free Jio 4K Set top box connection. The exciting thing about the Jio 4K Set top box connection is it not just let you access TV Channels for free but also the on demand TV Shows and Movies.

Access your Hard Drive Files via Jio Fiber Broadband

Do you know that you can connect your Hard Disk Drive with Jio Fiber Broadband device. Yes, you can connect it via USB and the Jio Broadband device help you to explore your Hard drive files via Jio Home app.

Secure your Home with Jio Indoor and Door Camera

Jio Indoor and Door camera gives you the facility to monitor your home 24/7. If you want you can store the feed on your Jio Cloud account. Jio also providing 24/7 monitoring solution to your baby or elder ones. Well, right now we don’t know much about this service.

Superb Gaming Experience

Looking at the number of gamers in India, I can definitely say that Jio Fiber going to boost the Indian gaming community with spike. With the insane speed of Jio Fiber one can experience zero latency while playing. Also do note that Jio Set Top Box is supporting most of the game controllers. However, if you haven’t own a game controller you can use your smartphone also as a game controller. Talking about Gaming, On AGM 2019, Reliance announced it own mixed-reality headset that evolve you to next level of gaming experience.

Well, these are all set of things you can do while owning a Jio Fiber connection instead of just watching YouTube or Downloading Movies or songs.

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