YouTube Stories Rolls Out for Creators having 10000 Subscribers

In a bid to make the platform more earnable for the creators and easy for buyers to purchase a liked product, YouTube is adding a feature to buy and sell a product featured on a video on YouTube.

How many of you have encountered a situation when you are watching a YouTube video and in the same video you liked some of the featured products displayed on the video.

Well, if you have gone through such a situation, and have found a lack of such a feature to buy that product easily, YouTube is working on a feature to fulfill the same. This feature will let the creator tag the products shown on the video (he is creating) in the shopping bag icon which is going to be present on the bottom left corner of the video, once the creator completes creating the video.

This feature is currently in the experimental phase as YouTube is currently testing it with a limited number of creators in the United States.

Once the user clicks on the Shopping Bag icon, it reveals a list of products that the creator has featured on the video to let their viewers to purchase it.

Now, if you analyse it, the feature on one hand can be a new commission source for creators while on the other hand the feature helps users to easily buy a product they like on any video on YouTube. For YouTube this feature might fulfill the dream of Google for creating a valuable e-commerce platform.

Seperate Pages for Hashtags on YouTube

Earlier on YouTube when a creator adds hashtags on their video and a normal user clicks on any of the hashtag, YouTube suggests a list of videos to the user in which some video might now fall under the same hashtag (for example a related video of the same hashtag).

However, YouTube is now rolling out a seperate Hashtag page for any particular Hashtag created on YouTube by the creators.

In these Hashtag pages, YouTube said they’re gonna place the best videos at the top. However, they haven’t revealed, on what basis these “best videos” are to be sorted at top.

YouTube Web now has Voice Command Support

YouTube recently has added the Voice Command support on its website. You can now see a Voice Icon in YouTube’s website search box.

Clicking on the same icon asks you to give YouTube the permission to access your Laptops or PC microphone and soon as you give the permission, you will all set to search any query via your voice on YouTube.

There are some cool voice commands like Show me my subscriptions, Show me my library to easily navigate to the channels you have subscribed to and the library you have created.

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