Net Neutrality in India

Position of Net Neutrality in India: Introduction

Should we have to Worry about Net Neutrality in India? Read this full post to know more.

On Thursday, the US Federal Communications Commission voted against Net Neutrality. Let me tell you that, Net neutrality means that giving internet users the convenience of all types of internet traffic at the same price. With this move from the US Federal Communications Commission, Internet service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc. are going to be very profitable.

Experts say that this decision will have a profound impact on other countries too. On the other hand, critics say that the decision is in favor of big companies and against the same consumers.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality means dealing with all types of internet data equally. This means that taking same money for every quality of data, treating every website equally on some sort of parameters.

If net neutrality ends, How will it harm the consumers?

  • Experts believe that if net neutrality ends, Internet Service Providers will be selling Intenet data in bundles. For example, If you want to surf social media such as facebook, twitter etc you have to recharge it with special bundles. Something like that.
  • Those who have more money will get the high-speed internet. For example, As soon as the High-Speed Internet Spectrum will be post bigger companies buying it. In short, Normal Consumers have to work only on 2G.
  • Startup companies will be discharged from the country.

What does Startup and Small Companies Say about Net Neutrality?

Small companies say that if net neutrality ends, then big companies will be benefitted greatly. And this will not be a fair game. At the same time, internet activists say that keeping certain free apps and web services free will also harm the small companies.

For what reason did the matter of net neutrality begin in India?

The concept of Net neutrality comes in India when Facebook introduces the Free Basics App. Let us tell you that in the Free Basics app, Facebook had announced to provide some services such as healthcare, communication, education, job listings, farming, etc. for free. That’s where Net Neutrality began. However, this announcement of Facebook had to face a lot of Criticism.

What is the condition of net neutrality in India?

Last year, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India asked Telecom operators not to finish Net Neutrality. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said that charging for internet data on the basis of content is wrong.

However, messing with Net Neutrality in the US could also affect it in other countries.

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