HMD Global Launches Nokia 106 in India
HMD Global Launches Nokia 106 in India | Credits: Nokia

HMD Global launches Nokia 106 in India. HMD starts Nokia new year resolution by launching a feature phone. The phone is available via Flipkart and Amazon. However, it is also available on company official website i.e Talking about its price which is Rs 1299 however, at Flipkart it is available at Rs 1309.

HMD already releases Nokia 106 back in 2014 which is quite different from its new version. The old model Nokia single sim slot, however, the new one has double. Talking about Nokia 109 battery capacity both of the old as well as the new model have 800mAh of Battery.

Nokia 106 2018 Model | Credits: Amazon India

Beside that a slight difference between the old and the new model is the 0.3MP of Primary rear camera, which the company removes from the new model. At Amazon this same phone is available at a price of Rs 1500.

It is available only in dark grey color and both of its SIM slots supports 2G networks only. This new version of Nokia 106 is called Nokia 106 2018 model.

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