How to Get Free Blockchain Technology Course by IBM?
How to Get Free Blockchain Technology Course by IBM?

In this article, we are going to provide you the details of How to Get Free Blockchain Technology Course by IBM? Actually, IBM Partners with NPTEL to offer Certificate Course in Blockchain Technology to Students in India. In the NPTEL portal, the course name is Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases. Moreover, the portal clearly mentions IBM as their Technical Partner.

How to Get Free Blockchain Technology Course by IBM? (Guide)

To get this course visit the Nptel website.

Scroll down below and click on the Black Join Button to enroll in this course.

Clicking on the Join button redirect you to the Google Account Permission page. Authenticate it and fill out the necessary details as they want.

About the Course in Brief

Talking about the Course, its a 12 Week Online Course.

If you are interested then you can enroll in this course as it is open right now. On the other hand the course starts from July 30, 2018.

Those of you who want the certificate which contains the logo of NPTEL & IIT Kharagpur in combine has to give an exam also.

The examination fee is Rs 1100. Moreover, the Examination is offline and is on 28th October 2018.

You have to give the examination on an offline center across India. More details will be present in the website when the course starts.

As we can see from the content of this course, the Instructors will taught about both Cryptocurrencies as well as the Block Chain Technology.

This course will explore in detail about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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