Facebook Watch Rolls out Globally
Facebook Watch Rolls out Globally | Image Credits: Facebook

Today Facebook Watch Rolls out Globally. Facebook Watch is a platform where you can watch Video series and TV episodes. However, Facebook officials already launch this service back in August 2017 in the United States. Now, this platform rolls out globally. At Facebook Watch, Video Creators and makers can publish their content and also make money out of it.

Because Facebook Watch is in the phase of rolling out so, you might not use this service right now. However, In a week or two, this service will become available to you.

Till now Facebook Watch only available in the US but after it will fully roll out it becomes available in 21 more countries. Publishers generate revenue by inserting ad breaks in between the episodes.

So, now we have another alternative to YouTube where we can generate revenue. Although just like YouTube, Here you have to also qualify some rules in order to monetize your channel on Facebook Watch. To monetize a Facebook Watch Channel you must have at least 10,000 followers or at least 30,000 one minute views per month.

As we know, videos are also great content to reduce the bounce rate of a platform. However, when we look at Facebook with respect to video creators, it is not looking well.

Do let us know in the comment section, are you excited for Facebook Watch?

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