Dr. Mario World Game
Dr. Mario World Game

Nintendo Dr. Mario World Game for Android and iOS is going to available for download on July 10, 2019.

The pre-registration for this game is now open on both the Google Playstore as well as Apple Appstore. You can follow the mentioned link to pre-register for this game right now.

Dr. Mario World Game Theme

Do note that Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game and to understand about it more quickly, you can relate it with Candy Crush.

Here, The difference is, you have to match three objects having the same color either horizontally or vertically.

These three objects, on the other hands, contain the combination of viruses and capsules.

Once you correctly match the three objects, you score some point.

There are around 100 stages in this game, with each stage having a different world. Moreover, the difficulty of stages rises when you clear stages one by one.

Dr. Mario World is a multiplayer game which you can play together with your friends by challenging them in versus mode.

To understand more deeply, How this game works? I suggest you see the video below.

That’s all we know right now about Dr. Mario World. To find more information about this brand new upcoming puzzle game, I suggest you visit there official website.

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