YouTube Explore Tab Replaces Trending Tab

As per a report by Economic Times, YouTube has 26.5 crore active monthly users in India from around 1200 channels from Indian Creators. Looking at the same data, I think YouTube thought to display the view count the more Indian way. Yes, I am talking about Indian Numbering System where we write 10 million as 1 crore or 100 Lakh.

It has been seen that for some users in India YouTube has started displaying view count in Indian Number System. Recently, We also got a tip from one of our reader about the same in which she marked the view count in crores for some of the videos. See for yourself, how it looks in the below screenshot. However, do note that the new view count right now is showing only on YouTube for Android in India. The below screenshot has been taken on YouTube for Android on Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Although, Some user found this new way of marking view count interesting while there are a bunch of user complaining about the same on Twitter.

Some users also said, Changing the YouTube Language to the US or UK will bring back the view count in International Number System. However, In our case we not able to spot the same.

That is all for now, Let’s see when YouTube going to roll out this new way of marking the view count or whether they going to even roll it out or not as some users are complaining about the same.

Tip: @Nutan

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