youtube app supports voice search while casting on smart tv

Before the end of 2019, YouTube has launched some new features for Smart TVs, Gaming consoles and other streaming devices. Like you can now do voice search while casting on Smart TV on your phone’s YouTube app. Through this feature, it is easier to search YouTube content on TV. Also, this feature is available on both the iOS and Android apps of YouTube.

Apart from this, YouTube has launched another feature called Who is watching. With the help of this feature, we can easily switch from one profile to another in the YouTube app. Although this feature was already present on YouTube, now it has been made more simple.

Apart from this, YouTube has brought some changes in the design of its navigation menu. For example, you can now see the account from which you are signed in at the top left corner above the menu.

If you remember, earlier this year, YouTube launched the YouTube app for Amazon Fire TV. However, now, YouTube has given the support of HDR video quality to PS4 and PS4 Pro users. Those of you who don’t know, HDR videos support more colour and contrast, that makes a video more vivid.

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