Virus Free Torrent Websites
Virus Free Torrent Websites

In this article, we are pointing out virus free torrent websites in 2018. There is a lot of scarcity of torrenting sites over the web. Most of the torrent websites that are popping over the internet are contagious. So, I decided to make a list of top 3 virus-free torrent websites in 2018. Also, I will update this article frequently once I encounter with a new Virus-free torrent website.

Why do I say most of the torrent websites these days are contagious?

Okay, first of all, let me clarify you why I have said that most of the torrent websites over the web are contagious. These days most of the Torrent websites are infected with Coinminer Scripts that are mining Cryptocurrencies for the website admin. However, there are also some of the cases where the admin itself unaware of the issue. Now the next thing is how do you know which site is infected with Cryptocurrency mining scripts. Moreover, To know this issue, you must have a premium Internet Security Software like Norton, McAfee etc. Make sure these Internet security software are capable of identifying web attacks.

Moreover, I have tested the Cryptocurrency Mining scripts issue with Norton Internet Security and the Package identifies it instantly.

Moreover, If you don’t have a premium internet security software package, and want to enjoy virus free torrent surfing, then this article is for you. Here, we give you virus free torrent websites in 2018. In fact, we also update it instantly as we found some new virus-free torrent websites.

Virus Free Torrent Websites in 2018: A List of Top 3

1. AlphaReign

Most of us don’t know about this site. However, the site updates torrents more frequently and has a huge collection torrent database. Moreover, the site is also very neat and all of the options are well arranged. The best thing is, it is completely ad-free. In the website, you won’t find a single ad. Moreover, the website is protected by CloudFlare DDoS protection. Here you can surf all type of torrent files ranging from audios, videos to ebooks and albums. Find You can access the site by copying the below link and post it on your browser URL.

2. Snowfl

Similiar to Alphareign, Snowfl is one of the virus-free torrent websites over the web. However, here you find ads but it is fine because most of the websites these days support themselves via ad revenue. You can access this website by copying and pasting the below link in your browser’s URL.

3. BitCq

Actually, bitcq is not a torrent website, it is a torrent search engine. Meaning that it will grab torrents files for you from different torrent websites at one place. Additionally here the cool thing is, for the magnetic URL you do not need to migrate to the torrent website. Bitcq provides it in their same website. You can access it using the link below.

Note: With my ISP all these torrent websites launches like a rocket. Do let us know if you won’t access any of these sites in the comment section below. Please also mention your hosting provider and the site name in the comments down below.

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