Twitter voice messages in Direct Messages

Last December, Twitter started testing its audio conversation feature Spaces among select iOS users, and now has made it available to both the iOS and Android. The Company is now developing Spaces for Web too. A Twitter user has shared the screenshot of Spaces for Web interface and it looks exactly the same like it is in iOS and Android.

You can see the screenshot of Spaces for Web Interface for youself below.

Twitter Spaces for Web | Credits: @magusnn

The Current Status of Spaces for Android

From Twitter’s help page we came to know that, Spaces is currently available both for iOS and Android devices, the only difference is, right now, Android devices are not able to create any Spaces but they can join, listen, and speak in a Space.

In the screenshots below, you can see How Spaces for Android looks and what are all options it have. I am able to access Spaces on my Samsung Galaxy J7 prime device. You can read this article (will soon update you the link) of mine to Know, How I am able access Twitter’s Spaces in my Android Device.

Why Spaces for Web is better than Spaces for Mobile?

Let’s compare now, How Twitter Spaces for Web is better than Spaces for Mobile.

In compare to Phones, Spaces for Web let you able to see more participants of a room in one screen as you can the size of desktop’s screen is larger in compre to phone. That is one reason.

The other great reason why I think Spaces for Web is better than the Spaces for Mobile is because of the Audio Enhancement Capabilities PC have in compare to mobiles.

The Status of Twitter’s Spaces Competitors

Twitter’s Spaces is greatly inspired with the dominating Audio Conversation social network “Clubhouse” which is currently available for select iOS users and we recently came to know that it’s Android App will be launched soon. Facebook is also reportedly working on a Clubhouse alternative.

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