smart compose google docs
smart compose google docs

How many of you are using the Smart Compose feature that became the part of Gmail in April this year? Did you like it or not? If you do, then I suggest you to must read this article. For now, those of you who don’t know Smart Compose Feature helps Gmail users to complete writing a sentence with the help of A.I. Now, How about you find this feature on Google’s Word Processing program called Docs. I know it helps to compose a document. Even professional writers found Smart Compose feature helpful as it does not just help them to write better but also saves time. In fact, Google says Smart Compose could help an individual to save typing at least 2 billion characters per week.

Now at Cloud Next Event in London, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced the Smart Compose feature is coming to Google Docs. However, he talks only about Google Docs for G Suite Users, but I think lastly, it will roll out to regular version too.

Right now, G Suite users could try this feature on Google Docs when they sign up for the beta program. We all know the alpha and the beta program helps a developer to get feedback from the users about the product before the final roll out. So, as with the case of the Smart Compose feature, right now, it is in beta phase for G Suite users, and they could avail it only by signing up for it, which they could do so by following this link.

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