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So far Pin a Post feature was available exclusively for Facebook Groups and Pages and we don’t have such a feature for our Facebook Personal Profile. However, the company has now added the same feature in Profile also.

So, in addition to Groups and Pages, we can now Pin a Post on Facebook Personal Profile. Well, those of you who still haven’t aware with the Pin a Post feature, it let you to manually select any post from your timeline and stick it to the top of your timeline.

Just like Groups and Pages, you can find the Pin a Post feature in the menu of all the posts. See the screenshot below to get the idea of the same.

As soon as you find this option, click, or tap on its to stick the specific post at the top of your profile page timeline.

On Facebook, In my test, you can Pin a maximum of one post at the top, however, in Instagram the limit for the same is three.

What is the Importance of Pinning a Post at the Top?

Pinning a post at the top is used for only one purpose. To present the visitor the most important thing to see at first. For example, the announcement of any important event.

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