Mobile Banking via USSD Code
Mobile Banking via USSD Code

In this article, I’m going to explain to you How to do Mobile Banking via USSD Code in India.

Two years ago the National Payment Corporation of India introduced a platform called NUUP. Here, NUUP stands for National Unified USSD Platform. This platform helps us to do mobile banking via USSD code. Those of you who don’t know NUUP uses the same concept that is used in banking via IMPS. The only difference is here we use USSD code for Mobile Banking without taking any help from the Internet.

In India, Internet Facility and availability is now somewhat better from early days, but still, there are some areas where Internet coverage is weak. So, this method of banking is especially helpful for people living in areas having weak Internet connection.

Note: Before, using USSD based mobile banking, let me aware you that you first have to register yourself for Mobile Banking service. You could achieve this task by asking your Bank to activate Mobile banking for your account.

Once you have registered for Mobile Banking service, follow the steps given below to do Mobile Banking via USSD.

How to do Mobile Banking via USSD Code?

Well, to do Mobile Banking via USSD all you have to do is dial *99# from your registered Mobile Number. From Registered Mobile Number I mean the number who have given to your Bank while registering for Mobile Banking.

Once you dial this number, you get various options like as I show you in the screenshot below.

So, you can see in the screenshot; you could Send Money, Request Money, Check Balance, Change UPI Pin, and other services.

Well, this is not the only way to do banking in India without having an Internet connection. Indian Government has launched BHIM UPI App through which also you could perform mobile banking without having an Internet connection.

USSD based Mobile banking is helpful to those people who want to do Mobile Banking but don’t know How to use the Internet or some App.

Well, that’s it we are open for comments which you can drop below.

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