LinkedIn Launches Snapchat Like Stories Section

LinkedIn which is a Social Network frequently used by around 740 million Professionals is now creating Audio Rooms in its platform like Clubhouse.

The company itself has confirmed to the TechCrunch team that they are building audio experience on their platform and shared the screenshot of How Audio Rooms in LinkedIn looks like.

Credits: LinkedIn via TechCrunch

In the screenshot we can see that, Audio Rooms in LinkedIn is like Clubhouse, as it contains a host of the room, speakers, and listeners. At the bottom of the Interface, we have some options like leave, raise hand, and emojis.

The exact time to when this Audio Networking feature be launched in LinkedIn has not revealed yet but the company has said they are going to soon starts its beta testing.

LinkedIn isn’t the first company who have copied Clubhouse Audio Networking Idea. Twitter’s Spaces is already in beta testing, Facebook has said they are creating a Clubhouse alternative, Telegram, and Discord are also creating Clubhouse alternative.

COVID-19 proved to be a Bless for Clubhouse

Last year when the global pandemic COVID-19 hits the world, it forces people to sit inside their houses due to lockdown. People all around the world are getting bored in their houses as they have not any interactive way to talk to other people. At that point of time, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth saw an opportunity and created Clubhouse. The app went viral even though users can join the app via invite only. In eight months after its launch, Clubhouse became so popular that many popular celebrities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Kanye West, and others appears on the app. Now, many social network companies are inspired with Clubhouse to create their own audio-based social networking experience.

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