Instagram Rolls Out Question Stickers For Music Recommendations

On Tuesday, Instagram Rolls out Question Stickers for Music Recommendations in Stories as well as in Live Videos. Moreover, In turn one can answer it via a song that is present in Instagram Music Library. However, Instagram’s Music Library is available only in Selected regions.

Regions where Music library is available, user who want to recommend a song will see a music notation icon there. Clicking on the icon will open the music library in turn from where one can select a song.

The music recommendation feature is currently rolling out to iOS and Android users both. However, it is rolling out to those regions only where Instagram Music library is available.

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Beside music recommendation Instagram also add new effects in the camera which respond to beat and sounds of the music. You can see these effects by swipe to the “Music” in the camera and you’ll see the new icons above the camera capture button.

In the latest update, A user can go to a live video and then ask questions. Moreover, User can identify a Q&A Live video via their stories tray. On the other side, user who are going live can also add photos and videos during their live session.

How to Ask Question on an Instagram Live Video
How to Ask Question on an Instagram Live Video? Screenshot | Credits: Instagram

Instagram also add Countdown stickers so that users users can post it in stories to build excitement for an upcoming event. For example, New year is coming let’s post a countdown for that. Countdown stickers are available to all all Instagram Users Globally.

Instagram Countdown Sticker
Instagram Countdown Sticker | Credits: Instagram

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