How to send a WhatsApp Message to a number without saving it to contact list?

Sending a message on WhatsApp is more convenient in comparison any other sources we know so far. However, there is a limitation, which is, if you want to send someone a WhatsApp message you have to first save the number to your phone’s contact list. What if you want to send someone a WhatsApp message without saving their number to your Phone? Of course it is possible when the person you want to send the WhatsApp message has registered for it. But How it is possible? Well In this article we talk about the same thing.

In WhatsApp there is a feature called Short link that was introduced back in year 2018 by partnering with .me extension. This Short link feature basically overcome the limitation of sending a WhatsApp message without saving the number to contact list.

Therefore, to send someone a WhatsApp message without saving the number to contact list, all you have to do is follow the instruction given below.

How to send someone a WhatsApp message without saving the number to Contact List?

First, Copy the number you want to send a WhatsApp message.

Next, attach the number at the end of this link format i.e<number>. Let me show you with an example that helps you understand how to create a WhatsApp short link for any number you want to send message to.

Let’s say, the number is 8543216475 then, the shortlink for this number is If you notice I have attached extra 91 ahead of the number. This is because you have to put the number in International format. That means to create a number in International format you have to attach the dialing code of the country in which the number is registered. For example, India has the dialing code of +91, America has +1, China has +86. However, don’t forget to remove the + character because WhatsApp Short Link feature will attach this character for you. Moreover, If you attach the + character, WhatsApp prompts you the Invalid URL message while accessing such link.

Now, Once you create the short link copy and paste it to your Phone Browser’s URL and click enter.

As soon as you do this, A page will open in your Phone or Desktop browser that have the Green Message button. Once you click that button, your WhatsApp will open and from there you could able to send a message.

I know this method looks bulky at the first but once you understand how it works clearly, this is the best and reliable one.

There are other methods as well like there is an app called Click to Chat which performs the same task but you don’t have to create the link everytime you want to send the message. In this app all you have to do is feed the number and Tap on the open button it provide. However, this app method will become more complicated when you do the same task via your desktop computer.

If you know any other method, prompt us in the comment section below.

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