Group Chat Instagram Stories
Group Chat Instagram Stories

Yes, you heard it right, you can now start a group chat on Instagram stories. Recently, Instagram introduces a new chat sticker that helps you to start Group chat in your Instagram Story.

All you have to do is place this Chat Sticker in your Instagram Story. Now, once your friends and followers tap on this chat sticker, you get a chat request notification. You can accept or reject the request. Moreover, the authorized parties can then chat with you on Instagram Direct.

Those of you who don’t know, In January 2019, Instagram reported 500 million daily active stories users worldwide. Now, If we take a look at this new chat sticker closely, Instagram uses stories to boost Instagram Direct too.

Also, I think its a great feature because till now Group Chat on Instagram isn’t possible. So, people who are not using other social media and is active on Instagram surely love this feature.

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