Future of Internet Speed

Every country is trying hard to upgrade its internet speed for the local people. The US government has claimed to spend over 60 billion US Dollars on broadband funding. Many experts think that it is the amplest investment to upgrade internet accessibility. Moreover, it is also a golden time to take part in the improvement of internet speed around the world. The steps we take today will affect the future of the internet for the next decade, right?

In this article, we are going to discuss the future of the internet. We will talk about costs, speed, and the need for the internet in the future.

So let’s jump into it.

What will be the Internet Speed in the Future?

Average downloading and uploading speeds are 225 and 85 Mbps in the US. There is a difference in opinions of people about internet speed in the future. But one thing is for sure it will increase with time.

Some people claim that we have already lived in a time of rapid internet advancement in the last decade. In the future, the internet speed is not going to improve as it improved from 2010 to 2020. The internet speed went from single to triple digit during the last decade. But there will be a sufficient increase in internet speed.

According to a rough estimate, the internet speed will double up in the next decade. So it will be around 500 megabits per second. There is a need to improve the uploading speed of the internet. The gap between downloading and uploading speed is enormous, and it needs to be filled. So we will be looking forward to what experts will do to fix this issue.

Many people are hopeful that 6G will also be introduced in many countries before the decade ends. So the citizens of these big countries will be enjoying an infinite speed of one to ten gigabits per second. Meanwhile, people in other parts of the world will have to rely on the 5G and 4G technologies with relatively lower internet speeds.

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How Much Internet Speed Will You Need in the Future?

Many surveys suggest that an average person needs a downloading and uploading speed of around 25 and 5 Mbps. However, this decision was originally made in 2015, and many people think they need far more than that to carry out their daily work.

Recently, the US department of agriculture declared 100 Mbps downloading and 20 Mbps uploading the least required internet speed in the country. Hopefully, this will also be adapted by the global institute soon. All internet institutes around the world need to put money and effort together to improve internet speed. The future of internet speed is near. It depends on us how quickly we can reach there.

According to experts, the need for internet speed will remain the same throughout the decade. We will just need a speed of 100 to 300 Mbps to perform daily routine tasks. And currently, we have reached that speed.

But some also think no matter how much internet speed we get. We will always crave more. It is the psychology of humans. Humans can not settle on one thing. They always want more and more. Moreover, advanced technologies like AR, VR, AI, and many more will also need a high internet speed to operate.

What will be the Cost of the Internet in the Future?

Currently, the average price of the internet is around 60 to 70 US Dollars per month. A decade ago, the price was 40 US Dollars per month. So it has increased by 20 to 30 dollars in a decade. Moreover, many people also combine internet service with TV cable service. That is why their cost can jump to 100 US Dollars per month.

According to many specialists, internet prices will remain the same in the future. The internet can also be available to local people at a lower cost. But if inflation rises, the internet cost can increase dramatically. So the future internet cost will depend on the condition of the country. Furthermore, internet-providing companies can also increase the prices to meet their needs and fill their pockets in the future. Nothing can be said for sure.


The internet speed is constantly increasing regularly since it was invented, and it will continue to in the future. The increasing internet speed will be beneficial for us in different fields of life. A fun fact is the internet started at a speed of 64 kilobits per second. And we have come a long way to the highest speed of almost one gigabit per second. With this extremely fast internet speed, you can easily stream live sessions and gaming, watch movies and series, back up your data, play online games, attend online conferences, and do many more things in milliseconds.

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