Google Replacing Android Beam with Fastshare
Google Replacing Android Beam with Fastshare

In this article, I have explained all the details about the Android upcoming Fastshare feature.

Back in 2011, Google Introduces Android Beam option with Android 4.0. It is a file sharing feature that uses NFC to share data with the nearest device. Although File sharing via NFC is slow, still it is popular among users because they are using it from a long run.

However, now somehow, Google thinks to depreciate the Android Beam feature and brings a new feature called Fastshare. 9to5Google first break this information.

Now, Talking about Fastshare, this feature is already present in an App owned by Google called Files by Google.

However, now, Google is rolling out this feature as an individual built-in Android feature. That means to get this feature; you do not have to install a separate app. There is an easy option through which you could enable or disable Fastshare feature.

Fastshare uses the Bluetooth and Wifi Direct protocol to send files to another Android system. Also, your Android system location must be turned ON to use this feature.

Once you Turn ON Fastshare option, all you have to do is bring two devices nearby. Once a device spot another device then they can send files in between them.

You can use this option just like you send a file via Bluetooth. All you have to do here is send a file via Fastshare option.

Now, you must be thinking about the speed you get while transferring or receiving files via Fastshare. Well, in that case, I have to say you get enough speed as you can see, it is using WiFi direct.

Xda Developers are first able to test this option in realtime and also share some screenshots which you can find below.

Fastshare Option Android
Fastshare Option Android

You can compare Android upcoming Fastshare feature with existing Apple’s AirDrop feature.

As we mentioned above, Google looks forward to making it a built-in Android feature so that it may roll out with a Google Play update and will available for all the Android versions.

As of now, we don’t know when Google rolls out Fastshare feature, but now we do know, Google working on it.

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