Now Drag and Drop Files between Samsung Phones and Windows 10 PC
Now Drag and Drop Files between Samsung Phones and Windows 10 PC

Last year, Samsung and Microsoft both announced their patnership to launch several productive things in coming years. They initiate the same sequence by launching Your Phone App last year that helps a Samsung and Microsoft user to transfer their files between their Phone and PC with ease. Now, updating the same App, Microsoft today has announced with Your Phone App now users can drag and drop files between Samsung Phones and Windows 10 PC. And, In this article, we gonna talk about the same feature in detail.

Things required to use this feature

What so simple about this new feature is, it doesn’t require any wired connection. However, your Phone and PC must be connected with the same WiFi network and they both have Your Phone App installed. In your Samsung phone, Your Phone App must be running version 1.5 or higher and the Windows must be enrolled in Windows Insider. Once you fullfill all these criteria, you are all set to drag and drag files between your Samsung Phone and Windows 10 PC.

Size and Type of File support this feature

This feature supports all types of files and folders. However, you can transfer a maximum of 100 files at a time and make sure no single file can be larger than 512 MB in size.

How to Drag and Drop Files between Samsung Phones and Windows 10 PC?

First open Your Phone App on your PC and then go to Phone Screen. That is necessary either we drag and drop files from pc to phone or phone to pc.

Drag and Drop Files from Samsung Phones to Windows 10 PC

Right now, Your Phone’s Gallery App and Samsung My Files App only is supporting this new feature.

Now, As I said, I assume you have opened Phone Screen in Your Phone App on your PC.

Now, use your mouse to go to a folder in My Files (if you are using the My Files App) or Albums (if your are using the Gallery App).

Long Press on a file until a checkmark appear. Then, select additional files you like to add by clicking onto them.

Then, again long press on the files you have selected and a thumbnail appear which you have to drag and drop on the desired location on your PC. This way you can drag and drop files from your phone to your pc without wired connection.

Drag and Drop Files from Windows 10 PC to Samsung Phones

Again, I have assumed you have open the Your Phone App in your PC and have opened the Phone Screen in the same app.

Now, here the process is simple, All you have to do is drag and drop the files you like to transfer from your PC to Your Phone’s App Phone Screen.

After successfull transfer you can locate the same file in your Samsung Phone at Internal Storage > Download Folder.

Note: Do not minimize the Your Phone App during the transfer process as it cancel the transfer operation.

Source: Microsoft Community

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