den cable recharge online
den cable recharge online

In this article, we gonna explain you to How to recharge your Den Cable connection online? The process is very simple, all you have to do is follow the step we have mentioned below in this article.

About DEN Networks

Den Networks limited is a cable distribution company in India who offers their customer Cable connection, Broadband connection, and OTT services. Den is the largest Cable operator in India if we follow its subscriber base that is more than 13 million (as per the company). It operates in 13 states and 433 cities in India.

Reliance Acquires DEN Majority Stakes

On October 17, 2018, Reliance Industries acquired a majority stakes of DEN Network that is 66% for Rs. 2,290 crore. Then, In 2019 again, In March Reliance acquires some more stakes of DEN Network that is 12.05%. Now Reliance has the Majority Stakes of DEN Networks that counts to 78.63%.

DEN Cable Recharge Online

To recharge DEN Cable connection online all you have to visit is DEN Networks official website on the link I mentioned below.

Once you open the above link, there you see a box that ask you to feed your Mobile Number (the registered one) and the password. Entering these two details open a page from where you can recharge your DEN connection online.

DEN Cable Recharge Online Registration
DEN Cable Recharge Online Registration

If you haven’t registered yourself on DEN website, then Click on the Register and feed the necessary informations like your VC number (which you can find on the back side of you DEN Setup box), Mobile Number, Name, Email Address etc.

After registering yourself on DEN website, you then able to recharge your DEN connection via the same link I mentioned above.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    We are living in Delhi and requested den cable operator to provide us all Hindi Punjabi and English channels. We discontinued on September 2019 and requested again for recharge on 27h of Jan. 2020.
    Our cable operator demanded 500 rupees on 27th of January and 500 rupees to reactivate Den Cable and paid 500 in February and 500 in March 500 in April. Is it correct now the cable operator is demanding again 500 rupees for the month of May. Please let us know whether it is correct thanks in advance and regards.

      1. as per your mentioned link for online recharge, after register message shows contact your cable operator, therefore only method of recharge is thru cable operator and no online recharge.

  2. sir i can;t register on this official link, i fill the every details correct, but every time result is showing ” card not exits”.

  3. There are 3 numbers have written on backside of set top box? Out of those 3 which is the VC number? .. big confusion !

  4. क्या HDबॉक्स के अलग से चार्ज लगता है फ्री में लगता है HD बॉक्स SD के बदले..
    मुझे अपना SD boox चेंज कराना है HD लेना है क्या कुछ अलग से चार्ज लगेगा या नहीं

  5. How do I recharge my den cable online ? Since March den cable guy is charging Rs 40-50 extra every month. Last month I was able to charge online using myden app, It costed only Rs 290. Now it is not working. Cable guy is demanding Rs 334. So far since Mar I have paid already Rs 200 extra. What to do.

  6. For registration, on filling form system says, ” invalid vc id.
    Cable operators has increased charges from 255 to 299 ( excluding tax) at its own by adding some channels ,cwhich I don’t want to see. There is not any provision for online payment and through paytm. Please help.

  7. For registration in DEN, a massage comes, ” invalid vc id. Cable operators has increased charges from 255 to 299 ( excluding tax) at its own by adding some channels ,cwhich I don’t want to see. There is not any provision for online payment and through paytm. Please help.

  8. I live in Kolkata. DEN online cable TV rechrge is not available till now. Why ? I havealready registered myself with VC No. 000015102940.

  9. I tried to recharge my cable connection online. But the link “” does not open. What can I do?

  10. Hi iam using den connection but our cable operator taking payment before due date I live at Ulhasnagar 4 and he is too rude behaviour even I have told him I want to activate selected channels but he told me we can’t do he send me pic there is plan made by cable operator there are 4 to 5 plans 350, 360, 370, 399, and 520 now I don’t want to deal this kind of cable operator I want to direct deal with den connection I will make my payment by self please do the needful

    1. Same here sir all den cable operators are thief’s , the online package is showing 233, 285 ,305 ,385 package but they are adding 40, 50 rs more on each package , mine are selected channels which according to online packages cost should be 285 but cable operator Always charges 320 .All they are taking commission from each customer

  11. At places where DenCable is supplied through sub distributors, you can’t make payment online that is a flaw. At times the agent is unable to activate/update the payments due miscellaneous problems, the subscriber suffers. There is no remedy for that?

  12. This option is no more working. I called up DEN cable network customer care to confirm if there’s any option for online recharge and they said NO.

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