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If you are searching for what are some of the best 4k tv in India then, you are in the right place. As fast digitization is increasing in India, obviously the demand for devices linked to it has also increased significantly. Talking about 4K television then its demand is also increasing. If you do not know what 4K is, then we want to tell you that there is a 4K resolution. Nowadays, the device that you see on the screen has a resolution or some resolution. And let us tell you that the screen is nothing but its major viewing component, we call pixels. A screen is made with a lot of saris mixed with small pixels. 4K resolution means 4000 pixels. You can now see 720 pixels or 1080 pixels in Normal Televisions.

In 2003, Dalsa Origin was the first to get 4K camera commercially available. But as soon as YouTube started supporting 4K video in 2010, its demand has increased greatly since then. In 2014, Netflix started broadcasting the House of Cards and after breaking even in 4k.

Ok, Now let us talk about what are some of the best 4k tv in India right now which you can buy. In Indian Market, the best 4K television brands are Sony, Samsung, LG, VU. Also, these are the brands easily available. So let’s start.

List of best 4k tv in India you can buy right now

Samsung 49 inches 4K Ultra HD Curved LED Smart TV (49KU6570)

Samsung 49 inches 4K Ultra HD Curved LED Smart TV
Samsung 49 inches 4K Ultra HD Curved LED Smart TV

There are a lot of features which this television gives so as to come at first on our list. It gives you HDR premium brightness. With HDR premium brightness you can see those details also which are unseen in the brightness. In the presence of Active Crystal color, it gives you wider color gamut also with low power consumption. In spite of all the features what makes this television beautiful is its 360-degree design. Its 360-degree design gives you an illusion of wider screen. The Powerful quad-core processor is assembled in it so as to give you the feel like you are running an ultra smooth App. There are also some of the great features present in it like Internet Connectivity, Wireless Connectivity, USB plug and play etc.

Sony BRAVIA X7002E Series 43 inch 4k Ultra HD LED Smart TV (KD-43X7002E)


This Brand does not need any introduction. But let us give you a quick feature overview of this television. Let’s talk about some interesting features. It gives you HDR immersive gaming experience. You can connect it with any of your PlayStation-4 or PlayStation-4 Pro to dive into a texture filled gaming experience. Talking about design it gives you narrow aluminum flame. You could also access YouTube instantly on this Ultra HD screen.

LG 49 inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (49UJ632T)

LG 49 inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV
LG 49 inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV | best 4k tv India

The 4K Ultra HD and Active HDR with Dolby vision give you each and every vibrant detail to make all the television characters comes in your life. With the integration of WebOS, you can get the Netflix and Cricket right under control with your hand. There are also some unique and great features like Tellybean Video Calling Application. Bookmark kind of thing which is called here as Single Click Access. Here, you can place your favorite and most frequently channels.

Vu 50 inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (LEDN50K310X3D Ver:2017)

Vu 50 inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV
Vu 50 inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV | best 4k tv in India

We place it on our list because its feature to price ratio. Since HDR is present in it the effect of which improves the details present in dark part of the picture. HDR makes the color present in the Television more vivid. It also improves the texture to a great extent. Talking about visuals what makes a television with beautiful visuals is its panel. Well, here you don’t have to worry about panels because you get A+ panels here. Since it is 4K you also don’t have to worry about resolution also. Well, the Guys who make this television don’t forget to assemble a supercool DBX-TV audio system in it.

Vu 55-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV (LTDN55XT780XWAU3D-HDR)

Vu 55-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV
Vu 55-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV | best 4k tv in India

Wait! another Vu product. Guys, Don’t you remember we have talked about the feature to price ratio. Well, this Vu product also fits in it. Here you get the beautiful features like Ultra Dimming, Ultra Smooth Motion Rate, DBX TV sound which is powered by Harman Kardon Group (Legend in making speakers) etc. Also, some smart features like SmartTV, YouTube, NetFlix etc.

Guys, Please let us know how you feel about the product listed above. Do let us know which is your favorite one either from this list or from outside of it. Let us give your products in the comment section below. We are happy to hear from you. If we like your product which you give us maybe we can show it on our list.

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