Android TV now supports Instant Apps, PIN Code Purchase, Gboard

Back in May 2016, Google brought a new initiative called Android Instant Apps (that was renamed to Google Play Instant in March 2018 while adding support for Games) to let the user test a small portion of a native Android app (Instant Apps) without installing it first on their device. Now, although for all these years this experience was available only on the Android Phones, Tablets and PC (via Emulators), Google finally has brought Instant Apps support for Android TV.

Now, Android TV users can also taste a small portion of some select apps (for which the developer has created the Instant Apps support) before installing it on their device. Developers, on the other hand, can now create a Try Now button right next to the Install button on apps present in Google Play for Android TV.

Android TV Emulator has got Play Store Support

In order to test Android TV projects and features (like subscriptions) in the emulator before deploying it to the device, Google has given Android TV emulator the Play Store Support. This feature going to ease some task of developers.

PIN Code Purchase on Android TV

Earlier, when we want to purchase anything from the Google Play in Android App, we must feed the big password of our Google Play account. However, now Google has eased the same process to let the user purchase anything on Android TV with a four-digit PIN.

Android TV users got support for Gboard

Typing via a remote is seriously a hectic task to do. Improving the same, Google has replaced the existing A-Z layout with the QWERTY layout. Additionally, the Android TV user now has got support for Gboard that includes Speech-to-Text and Predictive Typing that makes the typing task easier to some extent on Android TV.

Android TV to sport Low Latency Mode

To enhance the Gaming experience, Android TV now has got support for Low Latency mode. This mode allows developers to disable Android TV post-processing and minimize the latency while playing the game on Full Screen.

Google claims, the Google Play on Android TV has around 7000 apps and the monthly active device of Android TV is growing at a yearly rate of 80 percent. This is the reason; these new experiences have been brought in the Android TV.

So, that is all about this article. Do let us know in the comments section down below, which experience you like the most.

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