5 upcoming Google Classroom Features India

In a recent briefing, Google Head of Education (India and South Asia) Bani Paintal Dhawan says, in recent months, Google Classroom has seen a growth of almost 300 percent in India. Amid this global pandemic, Private and Government schools, both are promoting digital education via Google Classroom.

Now, seeing this spike in the usage, Google Classroom is bringing a plethora of new features in coming days and this article is all about these upcoming features.

Let’s start with the language.

Google Classroom to soon support 54 languages Globally

While writing this right, Google Classroom supports 45 languages but reportedly soon going to support 54 languages Globally. That means, Google Classroom to soon get 9 more languages. In these 9 languages, 5 languages belong to India which are Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Google Classroom to soon offer Stats

To track How often the students are interacting with the Platform, soon Google Classroom going to offer Stats to the educators. The platform is also looking ways to integrate contents and learning tools used by school to enhance the platform’s experience.

Google Classroom Mobile App to work effectively without Internet

The developers of the Platform are making the Google Classroom Mobile App in such a way it works effectively even when there is no Internet Connection. More details about this is about to come.

New Widgets in Google Classroom

The Platform soon going to get some new widgets (like get-to-do and to-review) that will help students and teachers track their work on Google Classroom.

Now Easily Share Classroom Links

Sharing Classroom links among students helps them to easily join a Class on Google Classroom and now Google Classroom has made sharing these Classroom links a lost easier.

Those of you who don’t know, Google Classroom recently has partnered with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) to train Indian Teachers how to teach virtually. Other than CBSE, Google also has partnered with Maharashtra State Education Department to roll out Google Classroom support in State Educational Institutions for free.

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